Your privacy, a company headquartered in the cloud, as well as its affiliates and affiliates worldwide (hereinafter the “Company”, “we”, ” Us/our/our “). In accordance with the” Data Protection Directive “, data, products and services are also available through its websites (hereinafter” Website”,” Websites “).

The Privacy Policy for all products and services of the Company, including any mobile apps that contain the Privacy Policy and/or the Privacy Policy. For your information, the history of the Data Protection Directive is also included in the General Conditions of Use of the Company.

You can identify “personal data”. This includes name, address, e-mail address or a telephone or fax number. Personal data may not contain anonymised or collected data so that an individual can not be identified by a third party. “Information” means “information”.

The registration is automatically or passively when you visit our website or use our services. Use mobile apps (“Apps”), using their own images to this Apps or other features of the app and All third-party applications in which you use our services.If usage information is assigned to your personal data, it is treated as a whole in its entirety as personal data.

Recording of personal data that you provide yourself. We may collect your personal information if you choose to disclose your data directly and voluntarily by using it in a different way.

Capture of data from social media. We may collect personal data from social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter when you use your social network accounts to use our services. For example, if you sign in with your Facebook account, you can gather information from Facebook, such as your e-mail address, profile, and friend list.

In addition, we can capture usage information from social networking sites or apps when you use the services associated with this network, for example, if you use the keyboard of one of our mobile apps to send a sticker to Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service. We can provide personal data with the Customer Service team.