Top 7 gay moments in recent history

The website Buzzfeed has recently launched a survey and sent out coming-out stories. The stories sent were so touching that we would like to share the top seven.

1. “The first person I loved was my best friend in high school. I was really curious how she would react. She replied, ‘Huh, okay.’ And then she whispered softly, ‘I think I’m gay too.’ It was fantastic.”

2. “Shortly before I left high school I outed as Trans. I was also somehow quirky and quite known as a freak. People did not really know what I was, and instead of asking, they just thought things out or thought I was odd.

In the first year I was full of everything. And because I liked a guy, I invited him for a change. We arranged for a couple of weeks before the question about the sex came up, and then I realized – he was not sure about my social sex or gender all the time, but nevertheless he met me and liked me as a human being. Explaining my identity was the easiest and least menacing moment I’ve ever been to, and today he and I have been married for over a year.”

3. “I am very close to my grandmother. While I was at university, I visited them for a couple of weeks. Shortly before I had my tongue pierced, and I totally forgot that the only ‘balls’ I had with it were rainbow colors. With a thick German accent, my grandma asked: ‘Chad, what is that in your mouth?’
‘A tongue ring, grandma!'”

4. “I went out with my father for dinner, and as we walked along the street I began to say, ‘There’s something I have to tell you.’ He said, ‘I know you’re gay. Ice-cream for dessert?'”

5. “I have been a close friend of this guy since the first class. I told him I had to tell him something very important, and he said he had to tell me something very important. We argued back and forth about who was to talk first, and everyone claimed that ours was something big before he said, ‘Are you gay?’ I agreed with him and he said he is, too! ”

6. “I phoned my school class by posting a status on Facebook: If you ask me about my sexuality, you will not receive a direct response.”

7. “For some reason, I was so scared to have me out with my older brother, even though I knew he’d be totally knocked out. One evening at 10 pm I wrote an unnecessarily long message, which I sent him. I watched the screen in a silent panic when I saw ‘Sent’ to ‘Read at 22:02’ and he began to write, but then stopped.


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