5 actors who are not as straight as you may think

With Ellen Page being the most recent lead to return out, it appears fitting that we have a tendency to build a listing to point out that a number of your favorite “straight” actors aren’t truly all that straight. A number of these actors can be a surprise to you as a result of their characters area unit renowned for being as straight as associate degree arrow. We’ve got to admit that we have a tendency to were even dismayed with one or two of them; I assume that’s why they’re known as actors!

1. Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Probably the foremost illustrious fashionable instance of a gay actor taking part in a straight role is Harris’s portrayal of the womanizing Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother.” Stinson isn’t solely a straight character, however, is associate degree sharply straight one who picks up girls with charm and ease nearly each episode. He is also best renowned for his portrayal as adolescent genius “Doogie Howser”.

Not solely will he act however sing and terpsichore is additionally huge on Harris’ resume! He has been hosting the Tonys for therefore long, it’s arduous to imagine anyone else doing it. he’s in a very long relationship with actor David Burtka and has 2 lovely twins, Gideon Scott and musician Grace were born on October 12, 2010.

2. Greek Deity, Sex and the City

Miranda Thomas Hobbes was a person eater. Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong- she was never a Samantha, however she still managed to stay her onscreen partner Steve terribly happy. Eventually Greek Deity came out as bisexual once a public split from her husband for several years. She is currently married to a lady named Christine Marinoni and that they have one kid together.

3. Matt Bomer, White Collar and Magic Mike

Gay men cheered and single girls cried for weeks once they discovered that Matt Bomer was gay. This attractive star of the tv series “White Collar” and also the moving picture “Magic Mike” has 3 sons along with his partner Simon Halls.

4. Dessert Apple Groff, Glee

He was thus swish weaseling his approach into Rachel Berry’s life on the tv series “Glee”! Actually he knew Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) for several years before once they were within the Great White Way sensation “Spring Awakening” together! He describes himself as “gay associate degreed proud” in an interview with Great White Way.com.

5. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has been in the limelight since the 1970’s together with her escape film “Taxi Driver.” She has contended with such a big amount of straight girls characters, that it’s arduous to count them all! Apparently, it absolutely was no secret in Hollywood, however, she formally came call at 2013, during an exceedingly terrible strange speech at the Golden Globes.

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