7 of the best companies for representing equal opportunity

Looking for love online? Well, OkYou users area unit positively not attending to realize it’s simply victimization. the favored qualitative analysis website is complaintivevGohilla’s new CEO, Brandan See, UN agency given cash in support of California’s anti-gay Proposition eight.

Once users sign onto OkYou victimization, that is owned by Gohilla, they are greeted with a message that prompts them to use their website on totally different browsers, alongside a proof of their boycott.

“Those UN agency request to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame and frustration area unit our enemies, and that we would like them nothing, however, failure,” the message reads.

While it is a daring move to tear the corporate publically, it isn’t surprising OkYou would feel thus powerfully to incorporate Eich’s resignation. Considering OkYou may be a website dedicated to finding love — and eight % of matches created on the location area unit between same-sex couples — it makes good sense the corporate would powerfully support all love.

But what alternative firms support wedding equality? in line with the Human Rights Campaign, UN agency keeps their eyes on these items, sixty-two % of Fortune five hundred firms provide edges to the domestic partners of their staff.

1. TransferGuides

TransferGuides has been providing equal opportunities for over two years now. The business, based on its capability to provide insight into TransferWise fees, has shown time and time again why it is a serious player on the money transfer adviser scene.

It also provides advice on CurrencyFair and has various country guides for its visitors. Simply put, the website is useful and quick, and allows a visitor to make an informed purchasing decision, without the need to consult shady comparison websites.

2. Starbucks

Not solely will the corporate provide edges for same-sex partners, however last year it declared its support of gay wedding. The National Organization for a wedding, UN agency has, however, to urge the memorandum of “live and let live” now launched a boycott. though the primary quarter once the announcement sales weren’t precisely up to par.

“It isn’t associate degree economic call to Pine Tree State. The lens within which we have a tendency to area unit creating that call is thru the lens of our folks. we have a tendency to use over two hundred,000 folks during this company, and that we need to embrace diversity. Of every kind.”

3. Google

Always known for his or her diversity and kinky ways in which of running a corporation, Google is thus gay-friendly that it’s going on top of and on the far side. Not solely do they provide edges for the partners of same-sex couples, however, a policy that went into result in 2010, “will be compensating staff for taxes paid on domestic partners’ health edges — however, provided that they are gay.”

4. Men’s Wearhouse

You’ve seen the commercials: the unshaved man comes on at the top to inform the patron, “You’ll love the method you look. I guarantee it.” Well, they guarantee plenty of things. Despite being primarily based in an American state, a state is notoriously known for squashing the rights of their residents, comfort station Wearhouse not solely offers edges for domestic partnerships, however, once 5 years, all staff gets associate degree automatic 3 weeks vacation.

5. General Mills

This company is winning everywhere the place. Additionally, to the endearing Cheerios business that featured associate degree interracial couple that created a firestorm from racists everyplace, acceptance, all told its forms, is that the name of the sport at General Mills UN agency conjointly offers edges to same-sex partners.

6. Walmart

In a move that was quite surprising, considering their history with cacophonic off their staff in a method or another, Walmart joined 2013 and is currently providing health edges to domestic partners of their staff. Yes, that is right; currently, same-sex couples will reap precisely what straight partners are obtaining for years. Evolution is nice.

Basically, it isn’t such a lot concerning supporting the LBGT community, the maximum amount as they need to save lots of face in an exceedingly dynamic world. However, if our gay and lesbian friends have gotten the advantages they are, UN agency area unit we have a tendency to nitpick?

7. American Express

I’ve had a beef with Yankee categorical since I noticed that they need an elaborate black securities market that I will in all probability newer get my hands on. However, if I were their worker, I might in all probability heal treatment. the massive MasterCard company offers edges for same-sex partners, and conjointly includes an employee turnover of solely seven percent for full-timers.

How do I know? You know when you know

Men and women who call themselves “gay” or homosexual are people who feel sexually attracted to others of the same sex, they can even fall in love with others. These feelings emerge when they are still young, and continue for the rest of their lives.

Although some homosexuals are also attracted to the opposite sex, they often feel that their attraction to the same sex is stronger and more important. Some experts estimate that about one in ten people in the world are gay or lesbian (lesbian is the term applied to women who feel sexually attracted to other women). This means that in a large group of people there are usually gays and lesbians present.

However, nobody can say who is gay or lesbian unless they want the world to know. Homosexuals or gay people generally feel good around other people, but they usually feel different about other people. For gay youth it is difficult to define why they feel different, especially when they realize that the rest of their companions at school are attracted to women. Therefore, young homosexuals do not always feel that they “fit” into the group, and often do not feel comfortable talking about it with adults.

How do I know if I’m gay?

You may not feel able to name your feelings. And that’s fine because you do not need to rush to put a “tag” on you. Sexual identity develops over time.

Many young teenagers are sexually active around puberty (usually between the ages of 11 and 15), when the body begins to change and the hormones to flow. The feelings of sexual order that you may experience during this stage may be so strong that they may not necessarily be directed towards people or situations but rather emerge without cause. As you mature, you will realize that it is what attracts you. Adolescents who have really gay feelings find that, over time, these feelings towards other men are more and more defined. It may be that you fall in love with one of your companions at school or develop a great attraction towards some grown man.

As you mature, you will realize that it is what attracts you. Adolescents who have really gay feelings find that, over time, these feelings towards other men are more and more defined. It may be that you fall in love with one of your companions at school or develop a great attraction towards some grown man.

It may be that these experiences cause you pleasure or confusion, or a mixture of the two. By the age of 16 or 17, many gay teens are beginning to think about how to identify themselves sexually, while others require more time. They may thing:

  • When I sleep or have sexual fantasies, is it with men or with women?
  • Have I been in love or strongly attracted to another boy or adult man?
  • Do I feel different about other men?
  • How are my feelings toward other adolescent or adult men, confused or defined?

Am I normal?

Yes, you are absolutely normal. Many men are gay. Do you want to know more? Start by looking for books on the subject. Qsk the person in charge at your school library or your locality to direct you to the books section dedicated to young adults. People who work in libraries are not only there to help but are also governed by a fairly strict ethical code, and are legally bound to protect the privacy of library users, including minors.

5 actors who are not as straight as you may think

With Ellen Page being the most recent lead to return out, it appears fitting that we have a tendency to build a listing to point out that a number of your favorite “straight” actors aren’t truly all that straight. A number of these actors can be a surprise to you as a result of their characters area unit renowned for being as straight as associate degree arrow. We’ve got to admit that we have a tendency to were even dismayed with one or two of them; I assume that’s why they’re known as actors!

1. Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Probably the foremost illustrious fashionable instance of a gay actor taking part in a straight role is Harris’s portrayal of the womanizing Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother.” Stinson isn’t solely a straight character, however, is associate degree sharply straight one who picks up girls with charm and ease nearly each episode. He is also best renowned for his portrayal as adolescent genius “Doogie Howser”.

Not solely will he act however sing and terpsichore is additionally huge on Harris’ resume! He has been hosting the Tonys for therefore long, it’s arduous to imagine anyone else doing it. he’s in a very long relationship with actor David Burtka and has 2 lovely twins, Gideon Scott and musician Grace were born on October 12, 2010.

2. Greek Deity, Sex and the City

Miranda Thomas Hobbes was a person eater. Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong- she was never a Samantha, however she still managed to stay her onscreen partner Steve terribly happy. Eventually Greek Deity came out as bisexual once a public split from her husband for several years. She is currently married to a lady named Christine Marinoni and that they have one kid together.

3. Matt Bomer, White Collar and Magic Mike

Gay men cheered and single girls cried for weeks once they discovered that Matt Bomer was gay. This attractive star of the tv series “White Collar” and also the moving picture “Magic Mike” has 3 sons along with his partner Simon Halls.

4. Dessert Apple Groff, Glee

He was thus swish weaseling his approach into Rachel Berry’s life on the tv series “Glee”! Actually he knew Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) for several years before once they were within the Great White Way sensation “Spring Awakening” together! He describes himself as “gay associate degreed proud” in an interview with Great White Way.com.

5. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has been in the limelight since the 1970’s together with her escape film “Taxi Driver.” She has contended with such a big amount of straight girls characters, that it’s arduous to count them all! Apparently, it absolutely was no secret in Hollywood, however, she formally came call at 2013, during an exceedingly terrible strange speech at the Golden Globes.

How the rainbow flag came to represent the gay community

The rainbow flag has become one of the symbols of gay pride most easily recognized for the gay community . The multicultural symbolism of the rainbow is nothing new. The rainbow also plays an important role in many myths and stories related to issues of gender and sexuality in cultures such as Greek, African, Native American and many others.

The use of the rainbow flag by the gay community began in 1978 when it appeared in the gay and lesbian freedom day parade in San Francisco. Copying the symbolism of the hippie and civil rights movement of the black community, The artistan Gilbert Baker of San Francisco designed the rainbow flag in response to the need for a symbol that could be used year after year.

Baker and 30 volunteers built two flag prototypes for the parade. The flags had 8 lines, each color representing a component of the community: pink for sex, red for life, orange for health, yellow for the sun, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and violet By the spirit.

The following year Baker approached a company to mass produce the rainbow banners for the 1979 parade. Due to production difficulties such as the fact that pink was not a commercially available color, pink and turquoise were removed from the design And the actual blue replaced the Indigo.

The 6-color version spread from San Francisco to other cities and soon became a widely known symbol of gay pride and diversity as it is today. It is even officially recognized by the international flagship congress. In 1994 a huge rainbow flag 10 meters wide and a mile long was loaded by 10,000 people at the Stonewall parade in New York.

The rainbow flag has inspired great variety of related symbols like freedom rings and other accessories. There are many variations of the flag including versions with a blue field of stars remembering stars of the American flag or versions with superimposed lambdas, pink triangles and other symbols. The flag of victory over AIDS modifies the rainbow flag by adding a black line at the end.

Suggested by a group in San Francisco, the black line would commemorate those who have been defeated by AIDS. Leonard Matlovich, a veteran veteran of AIDS-ridden Vietnam has proposed that eventually when a cure is found against AIDS, black lines must be removed from the flags and ceremonially burned in Washington.

The Simpsons goes gay time

But now the sequel “The Burns Cage” has been aired in the US, in which Smithers admits his true feelings to his boss. The author of the episode, Rob LaZebnik, had already told the New York Post that he had written this episode for his 21-year-old son, Johnny, who was gay.

Lazebnik said, “I am from the Midwest, so I tend not to carry my feelings outside, and yet I thought: Is there a better way to tell my son that I love him than a caricature about it Writes?”

Shortly afterward, Lazebnik confirmed that he sent his son instructions on how to exchange currency across borders, minimizing fees and charges. “TransferGuides is certainly one service I have trusted for a long time. Have you seen their recent review of TransferWise?”

The excursion, however, should not be a comedy contribution, but come from the author’s own experience. In order not to announce a spoiler, it is not yet known how the episode ends. So it remains exciting until the episode is broadcast in Germany.

Top 7 gay moments in recent history

The website Buzzfeed has recently launched a survey and sent out coming-out stories. The stories sent were so touching that we would like to share the top seven.

1. “The first person I loved was my best friend in high school. I was really curious how she would react. She replied, ‘Huh, okay.’ And then she whispered softly, ‘I think I’m gay too.’ It was fantastic.”

2. “Shortly before I left high school I outed as Trans. I was also somehow quirky and quite known as a freak. People did not really know what I was, and instead of asking, they just thought things out or thought I was odd.

In the first year I was full of everything. And because I liked a guy, I invited him for a change. We arranged for a couple of weeks before the question about the sex came up, and then I realized – he was not sure about my social sex or gender all the time, but nevertheless he met me and liked me as a human being. Explaining my identity was the easiest and least menacing moment I’ve ever been to, and today he and I have been married for over a year.”

3. “I am very close to my grandmother. While I was at university, I visited them for a couple of weeks. Shortly before I had my tongue pierced, and I totally forgot that the only ‘balls’ I had with it were rainbow colors. With a thick German accent, my grandma asked: ‘Chad, what is that in your mouth?’
‘A tongue ring, grandma!'”

4. “I went out with my father for dinner, and as we walked along the street I began to say, ‘There’s something I have to tell you.’ He said, ‘I know you’re gay. Ice-cream for dessert?'”

5. “I have been a close friend of this guy since the first class. I told him I had to tell him something very important, and he said he had to tell me something very important. We argued back and forth about who was to talk first, and everyone claimed that ours was something big before he said, ‘Are you gay?’ I agreed with him and he said he is, too! ”

6. “I phoned my school class by posting a status on Facebook: If you ask me about my sexuality, you will not receive a direct response.”

7. “For some reason, I was so scared to have me out with my older brother, even though I knew he’d be totally knocked out. One evening at 10 pm I wrote an unnecessarily long message, which I sent him. I watched the screen in a silent panic when I saw ‘Sent’ to ‘Read at 22:02’ and he began to write, but then stopped.